The Death Of DIY Websites

A Small Business Should Almost Never Waste Time With A DIY Website Builder.  

By Nick Napoli – CEO – The Object Group

As a business owner, you wear many hats.  There never seems to be enough time.  Ask any successful entrepreneur what their company’s most valuable asset is, the answer will be their “Time”.  With this in mind, why would a new CEO waste a single minute of their time trying to build a website for their new startup or small business?  Successful CEO’s aren’t sitting around putzing with a DIY website maker. 

Don’t undervalue your time.

In our experience, many customers have come to us with DIY websites all sharing similar stories.  Usually something like “This was a good version 1.0 of our website but we’ve reached limitations.” or “I spent a week making this jumbled up mess only to crumble it up and start over.”

Having spent 3-4 years as a wanna-be website building company, we’ve been through all the ups and downs in the web development business. Though we saw success with clients with larger budgets who could afford custom website designs, we struggled to make quality websites for startups and small businesses with limited budgets.  As a startup ourselves, we really wanted to work with these folks, but we simply had little to offer that could fit a limited startup budget.

The challenge for us a WordPress website company became “How can we make these amazing business websites, designed for complex inbound marketing campaigns, affordable for startups and small businesses?”

Introducing: Obje(x) For WordPress.

Working closely with web designers and web developers, and after years worth of A/B testing page designs, we finally have a solution.

Get a beautiful affordable website built for business in just one week for just $99/Month.

Delighted Obje(x) Customers

WordPress Website Company
WordPress Website Company
WordPress Website Company
WordPress Website Company

Get a beautiful WordPress website in just one week for $99/Month

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