The Med-Caire, Inc. Website Redesign


As a family owned and operated company, Med-Caire prides itself on providing new and existing customers with personalized service.

Med-Caire is a team of 25 highly-qualified staff with over 15 years of experience helping patients choose the right home medical products.

Med-Caire has certified respiratory therapists on staff to help patients throughout the entire duration of therapy, is accredited by the Board of Certification or Accreditation, and recognized as a Medicare provider meeting or exceeding all home medical equipment supplier standards.


The previous Med-Caire website featured a common limitation found in many HME websites today.  Though the website looked like e-commerce, it was simply an online catalog where users checking out would be faced with a “Call For Pricing” contact form.  

 Adding a new HME website by The Object Group allowed for REAL ecommerce.

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Learn about HME and Pharmacy companies who made the switch and are now enjoying real e-commerce, fast and free drop shipping, and live customer service for shockingly low prices!