It’s official. On Tuesday, June 5, 2018, The Object Group formally partnered with Health Mobius, LLC.  The exact terms of the agreement won’t be disclosed but an equity stake, in what we project to be a $100M company in the next 5 years, was enough to ink the deal.

“We’re very excited to have made this deal official. We all know what Nick and his team bring to the table in terms of creativity and execution and to have access to The Object Group is a real asset for Health Mobius.  We look forward to getting started.” -Kamal Haddad, CEO Health Mobius, LLC.

News of this partnership should send waves across the entire DME and HME space. Health Mobius is now primed and ready to live up to the growing hype and expectations.  Kamal initially pitched his idea to the DME industry giants (we won’t mention any names) and was laughed out of the building.

Kamal needed a creative partner.  However, looking back, it seems they needed him more.  He now poses a serious threat as he begins to take aim at their market share.

Health Mobius serves as a powerful buying group and a web-marketing shop.  They offer a new way to supply health, medical, and fitness products to customers.  It’s a comprehensive service allowing the sale of products online, in a store, and in the field.

Now with turnkey access to the Object Group, Health Mobius can now build an online store and stock it with over 25,000 brand name products in about 48 hours.

“It’s sort of an easy sale.  Health and medical professionals usually send patients to Amazon, CVS, etc to buy the products they need.  And it’s a wide range of products from the incontinence products that people need on a monthly basis, to the general fitness products like yoga mats, why not offer these products to customers directly?  Health Mobius can build and stock an e-commerce store for you, and then handle everything required to manage it from inventory to processing and shipping orders on their behalf.  HM sends them a monthly sales report and a check.  And just like that, health and medical professionals have an entirely new revenue stream without having to increase their labor force or do anything really.  Just say yes and start collecting checks.” -Nick Napoli, The Object Group

Health Mobius builds the e-commerce store, stocks it with 25,000 brand name products, then handles all inventory, processing, fulfillment, shipping and customer service.  Customers can purchase products, gain product knowledge from the Health Mobius customer service team, and trust their order has been shipped safely and securely.