Windsor Life Settlements was struggling, they aren’t shy when talking about it.  They’d experienced poor management, risky deals that went south, and high employee turnover.  When Ken Kelly took over as CEO, the odds were against him, to say the least.

“We were maybe 6-8 weeks away from closing the doors for good.  It was a very difficult time and there was tremendous pressure to save jobs and restore this company.” -Ken Kelly, CEO Windsor Life Settlements

There was one thing Windsor had going for it, the remaining employees.  The ones who stayed.  The ones who saw the potential.

Enter The Object Group.

The first week or so was all about listening and learning.  Life insurance, specifically life settlements, was a new market for us, and Object Group had a lot to learn.

“Did you know if you own a life insurance policy and no longer want to pay the premiums, that you could sell it to a third party for a single cash payment?  Because I didn’t.  Turns out this is a completely legitimate and heavily-regulated market that, in most cases, provides much-needed cash to people with significant health impairments.  When Ken and Cindy talked about some of their cases, the people they’ve helped, and after I read some of their client’s testimonials, I immediately became emotionally invested.  These folks deserved to be successful and I was going to do everything I could to help.” – Nick Napoli The Object Group

The first contract was for 90 days.  It was the very last of the budget.  The proposed strategy that would play out over the next 90 days simply had to work.

The Method

Building out paid search campaigns and subsequent re-marketing campaigns was important if we were to find the right traffic. Building a new website was important, it had to make it easy to convert this web traffic into leads and customers.   But, having a 90-day range of performance data that we could learn from was vital.  Setting up quality experiments was vital.  At the end of 90 days, we needed to show we could make the phones ring but we also needed to show that we fully understood this market and, using data, could show how their target audience was responding to our marketing efforts, from the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Show with numbers exactly what was working and what wasn’t working so that at the end of our 90 days, we could discontinue what wasn’t working, reinforce what was working by reallocating budget, and then propose new experiments.

It worked.  And it worked better than we’d expected. And it was enough to convince investors to re-up, this time for 180 days.

Today, two years later, Windsor Life Settlements is hiring again.

“The reason for our success, amoung other things, has been Nick.  He’s done a fabulous job for us.  He brought a whole new marketing approach and we can’t thank him enough.” -Ken Kelly CEO Windsor Life Settlements”