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Obje(x) Enterprise Theme


Obje(x) Enterprise For WordPress was built specifically for the white collar corporate folk who need to look the part and also generate leads!

This theme has been A/B tested over the years showing awesome leaps in key business metrics like conversion rates. It’s an SEO juggernaut using Yoast SEO and a well-optimized blog that is sure to meet the highest of SEO standards. The form is built to house all the form submission data in either WordPressAdmin or can even be funneled into major CRMs like Salesforce.

Bottom line is that if you’re a major company, Obje(x) Enterprise is for you because it gives off the “big company” feel making users want to fill out that form on the home page.

Obje(x) Enterprise also comes loaded with popular business plugins like Google Tag Manager for tracking your inbound marketing campaigns and Google Analytics for monitoring traffic and behavior on your website.

The mobile site is clearly built to generate phone calls. Using a large call-to-action, users visiting from mobile have the opportunity to phone your business directly rather than search through your mobile site. OR, if the goal is to generate leads and not phone calls, the mobile form features make it simple as possible to capture leads from mobile phones and tablets.

As is with and Obje(x) theme, we’ve also made it dead simple to update your website using the page editing tool Visual Composer, you can save money by updating your own website after launch. We even offer free 1 on 1 phone calls with our team to help answer any questions that might come up as you learn the ropes.

Obje(x) Enterprise is the best WordPress theme for enterprise businesses. It’s for those looking to generate leads and phone calls for their sales teams. Starting at $99/Month this WordPress theme is priced for startups, even though it’s been purchased and used by million dollar companies.

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